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The Giving What We Can community includes 9,866 people who have taken a pledge to donate a portion of their income to effective charities


9,017 people

who have pledged ≥10% of their income

$254 million donated

through 🔸10% and 🔹Trial Pledges

$407 million moved

to high-impact charities by our community

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Luke Freeman
Fernando Martin-Gullans
Denise Melchin
Aric Floyd
Jo Duyvestyn
Surbhi Bharadwaj
SoonKhen OwYong
Sarah Baka
Toby Ord
John Yan
Robert Praas
Julian Hazell
Amarins Veringa
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Grace Adams
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Constance Li
Swante Scholz
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Patrick Gruban
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Martin Skadal
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Milena Canzler
Alexandre Teixeira
Ashok Parameswaran
Neil Ferro
Joy Nicole Nohemi
Spencer Ericson

Why would 9,017 people from 104 countries pledge to donate 10% of their income to effective charities?

A lot of reasons, but many realised:


If you earn at least 47,000 USD (post tax) per year, you are in the richest 2% globally.

Ten percent seems like a lot until you realise that in most cases, you’ll still be in the top richest income percentile even after donating it!


You can have 100x more impact by donating to the most effective charities (seriously, 100x!)

Ten percent seems like a lot until you realise just how much it can help others in the right hands.


If everyone stepped up in this way, we could legitimately reshape the world.

Ten percent seems like a lot until you realise you’re not alone, and together – we can do incredible things.

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Lifetime members

Our community includes 9,017 people who have committed to donate 10% or more of their lifetime income by taking the 🔸10% Pledge or the Further Pledge.

1. Bernadette Young
November 2009
2. Toby Ord
November 2009
3. Thomas Pogge
November 2009
4. Benjamin Todd
November 2009
5. Carl Saucier-Bouffard
November 2009
6. Joseph Millum
November 2009
7. Lesley Sherratt
November 2009
8. Peter Eckersley (d. 2022)
November 2009
9. William MacAskill
November 2009
10. Mark Lee
November 2009
11. Lyndsey Pickup
November 2009
12. Rachel Glennerster and Michael Kremer
November 2009
13. Rebecca Cotton-Barratt
November 2009
14. Marcello Antosh
November 2009
15. Caroline Gregory
November 2009
16. Peter Singer
November 2009
17. Michael Kremer
November 2009
18. Patrick Count-Knowlton
November 2009

Trial members

Our community also includes 849 people who have made commitments to donate at least 1% or more of their income for a specified period of time by taking a 🔹Trial Pledge. A further 4,191 people have already completed their 🔹Trial Pledge.

Kilian Woods
April 2014
Alexandre de Almeida Castilho Alksentrs
May 2014
Orlando Torres
December 2014
Zachary Strassberg
January 2015
Ana E
March 2015
Nicole Bieber
April 2015
Ina Roll Spinnangr
July 2015
Christina Warner
August 2015
Nathan Slauer
October 2015
Maja Zaloznik
October 2015
David McDonald
January 2016
Jacob Huyck
January 2016
Neil Dullaghan
May 2016
Simon Williams
May 2016
Martin Smith
July 2016
Jackie Ali Cordoba
November 2016
Hal Steinkopf
November 2016
Trenton Bricken
December 2016

Company members

We also have company members in our community — these are companies who have made commitments to donate a percentage of their profits to highly-effective charities.

Help our community reach 10,000 members in 2024

We're changing the norms around charitable giving. By publicly committing to dedicate a portion of your resources to help others, you'll inspire more people to do the same.


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