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Giving What We Can London

We are Giving What We Can London and have just revived a Giving What We Can group from several years ago. We have met twice so far this year and are now intending to meet quarterly. At our meetups we discuss effective giving and how to improve the world.
We will have a mix of purely social events, speaker events and fundraising events. Effective givers, pledgers, and the pledge curious welcome!
Our goal is to support each other in figuring out how much to give and how to give effectively, as well as other ways to do good. You are very welcome to come along and bring a friend, whether you have never given before or have been giving for a very long time.

a group of people standing together in front of a projected sign saying "LDN GWWC Meetup"

One of the London meetups this year!

Our upcoming events

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Join us online

You can join the #group-london channel in the Giving What We Can Community slack workspace to join conversations between events.

Get in contact

Giving What We Can London is currently run by Gemma Paterson, Chris Rouse and Denise Melchin.

You can get in contact via

Gemma, with red hair and wearing a dress smiling

Gemma Paterson

Gemma took the GWWC 7% trial pledge in summer 2021 and upgraded to the full 10% in November 2021. She is a chartered accountant and currently works in tax technology.
In her free time, she likes throwing themed costume parties, reading (everything from philosophy to romance novels) and is currently trying to improve her dance skills 💃🏻🩰🪩

Denise, a blond woman with blue eyes smiling

Denise Melchin

Denise has been a GWWC pledgee since 2013 and has gone beyond her pledge for many of those years. She started out pledging 10% and changed her pledge to 20% in 2020. She has given to global poverty charities as well as charities supporting the effective altruism community. Denise currently works in the UK Civil Service in a data role. In her free time, she likes to read plenty of nonfiction, try out new vegetarian foods and spend time with her family.

chris is smiling in hiking clothes

Chris Rouse

Chris has been interested in effective altruism since 2016 and eventually took the GWWC pledge in 2021. He is a software engineer in Telecoms who sometimes browses the 80,000 Jobs Board during his lunch break. In his free time, Chris enjoys playing squash and sticking GWWC stickers on everything he owns.