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Giving What We Can is a global community of people who care about doing good effectively.

Whether you're brand new, or established in the community, we'd love you to connect with members across the world.

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Join our global community online through our GWWC Community Slack!

In our online GWWC Community, you can:

  • Connect with people who have similar interests and values
  • Organise local events or fundraisers with others
  • Ask questions and share resources about giving
  • Stay up to date with what’s happening in the world of giving

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Find a local GWWC Group

Giving What We Can has just re-launched local GWWC groups in select cities!

Local groups are a wonderful way to connect with people who share similar values and interests.

Whether you’ve been a pledger for over 10 years or perhaps you’re just curious to know more, we invite you to join a GWWC Group. You can also connect with your local group on our GWWC Community Slack!

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Other effective giving groups

Join another group around the world!

There are groups and organisations all around the world that care about effective giving, and we’ve listed them here so you can be connected to a community close to you, even if we aren’t currently supporting a GWWC Group near you.

Global Effective Giving Community Directory

Organise your own events locally

We’ve curated lots of resources to help you run events by yourself!

Get started by looking through:

And if you have any other questions about our community, you can get in touch with us at