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Climate change adaptation interventions focus on changing behaviours and infrastructures to better cope with the consequences of climate change, such as increases in average temperatures, sea levels, and extreme weather events. Adapting to climate change is particularly important for the most vulnerable members of society. However, interventions to reduce the potential impacts of climate change must be compared to other interventions to help those living in extreme poverty. While there are some promising candidates, such as early warning systems for natural disasters, we do not feel we have enough information to recommend climate change adaptation interventions over other interventions to tackle poverty.

Health issues arising from climate change impacts, such as an increase in prevalence of certain infectious diseases, affect a large number of people. As we currently do have detailed research on health-related charities, health-related adaptation interventions appear to be promising. We recommend those interested in this option consider donating to current top recommended health charitiesAMF, SCI, and Deworm the World—rather than focusing on a charity dedicated specifically to climate change adaptation.

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