Giving Recommendations

Better preparation for pandemics could reduce risk to humanity. Photo by NIAID (bacteria), via Wikimedia Commons

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With people dying every day of preventable diseases, billions of animals in factory farms, and risks to humanity's future from things like pandemics and nuclear weapons, we all want to send our donations to the places where they will do the most good.

Giving What We Can's current recommendation for most donors is to donate through Effective Altruism Funds. Effective Altruism Funds helps donors pool their money into charitable funds managed by experts to fund the best interventions. To read about some of the reasons this might or might not be a good fit for your giving, please visit our "EA Funds Frequently Asked Questions" page.

Learn more about Effective Altruism Funds

For those who wish to donate to specific, individual charities, we suggest looking at the current recommendations of charity evaluators GiveWell and Animal Charity Evaluators.