Momentum Birthday Fundraisers

Why and how you should run a birthday fundraiser

Running a fundraiser for your birthday can have a big impact by mobilizing your friends and family to donate to charities, while raising awareness of important causes. With just a few minutes of effort, you can raise hundreds or thousands for the charity of your choice. That’s why we're supporting the “Momentum Birthday Fundraisers” campaign!

The “Momentum Birthday Fundraisers” campaign

Because these fundraisers have such a positive impact, we want to get the ball rolling. Thus, we started an ad campaign to create awareness of this great opportunity and offer a $10 bonus donation for a limited time. This offer only applies to Facebook users who have their birthday in the next two weeks, who click on our ad and start birthday fundraisers following our instructions. Ultimately, we hope to start a new wave of giving that continues in the future and connects donors on social media.

How to run a birthday fundraiser

Below, we cover more basic "hows" of running a birthday fundraiser. We also provide some insider tips for getting the word out and having fun along the way.

Planning timeline

We suggest that you begin planning your fundraiser about two weeks ahead of your birthday. We do recommend you create just one fundraiser to ensure that you're sending a strong, clear message about what you support. After selecting a charity, you can prepare a tagline that you will send to your friends and family. (Note, we offer you a choice of suggested taglines on the Momentum Birthday Fundraisers page. Please use one of these on your page to be sure to be eligible for the $10 bonus donation.)

About four or five days before your birthday, we recommend beginning your fundraiser and spreading the word. Birthday fundraisers usually run for about ten days, with your actual birthday falling roughly in the middle. This way, you can celebrate your birthday with a large portion of the funds raised, and still have a few days left to remind your friends and family afterward.

How to set up a fundraiser

You'll want to make it as easy as possible for your friends and family to donate to your selected charity. Facebook allows you to create fundraisers for a whole variety of charities. As a social media site, Facebook also makes it easy to get the word out. You can post the fundraiser on your timeline, share it with friends, and even encourage them to share it with one easy click. When your fundraiser ends, the nonprofit will receive the donations directly from Facebook, Network for Good, or PayPal Giving Fund. In any case, Facebook charges no fees for donations made and transferred to nonprofits.