Farmed Animal Funders

Farmed Animal Funders

European Animal Welfare Initiative

Farmed Animal Funders (FAF) is a group of funders committed to replacing factory farming with a more humane and sustainable food system — leading to a world free of the suffering factory farming causes to animals, people, and the environment. To get there faster, FAF seeks to share, learn, and collaborate to become more effective funders.


What problem is Farmed Animal Funders working on?

Factory farming:

  • Causes over 100 billion animals to suffer deprivation, fear, and pain every year.
  • Is a chief cause of environmental degradation and climate change.
  • Harms human health by breeding superbugs that can lead to pandemics and producing products that cause chronic illnesses.
  • Worsens human hunger, the decline of rural community, and species extinction.

Despite these effects, less than 0.1% of global philanthropic donations go towards improving or replacing factory farming. Farmed Animal Funders sees remedying factory farming as a neglected but tractable global priority and an incredible opportunity to dramatically improve the world.

What does Farmed Animal Funders do?

Farmed Animal Funders is open to all individuals and foundations giving more than $250,000 per year to end factory farming. It is a learning community with no pooled funding, which shares resources and ideas about how to advance the fight to end industrialised animal agriculture and transition to a more plant-based society through personal philanthropy.

FAF’s research aims to help funders find promising giving opportunities and give them the confidence needed to allocate funding to these opportunities. This work includes:

  • The state of the farmed animal advocacy movement.
  • Briefs on key areas of farmed animal advocacy.
  • Custom shallow reviews comparing donation options to inform members’ donations.

What information does Giving What We Can have about the cost-effectiveness of Farmed Animal Funders?1.

We don't currently have further information about the cost-effectiveness of Farmed Animal Funders beyond it doing work in a high-impact cause area and taking a reasonably promising approach.

Please note that GWWC does not evaluate individual charities. Our recommendations are based on the research of third-party, impact-focused charity evaluators our research team has found to be particularly well-suited to help donors do the most good per dollar, according to their recent evaluator investigations. Our other supported programs are those that align with our charitable purpose — they are working on a high-impact problem and take a reasonably promising approach (based on publicly-available information).

At Giving What We Can, we focus on the effectiveness of an organisation's work -- what the organisation is actually doing and whether their programs are making a big difference. Some others in the charity recommendation space focus instead on the ratio of admin costs to program spending, part of what we’ve termed the “overhead myth.” See why overhead isn’t the full story and learn more about our approach to charity evaluation.