Animal Liberation Now: Taking Action to Help Animals

How we can apply the principles of effective altruism to Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation Now.

A significant update to an animal rights classic

Animal Liberation Now, the updated and rewritten edition of Peter Singer's groundbreaking book Animal Liberation, is an urgent call to radically rethink humanity's relationship with animals.

Originally published in 1975, Animal Liberation exposed the widespread abuse of animals in factory farms and laboratories, revealing the appalling and unnecessary suffering they endure. Over the past five decades, Singer's arguments about animal sentience have been vindicated by scientific research, and the book has played a pivotal role in changing public opinion and inspiring a global movement for animal rights.

Cover of Animal Liberation Now by Peter Singer

Practical action to help animals through effective giving

At Giving What We Can, we recognise the immense suffering of animals across the world, and we're happy to recommend some cost-effective charities working to improve animal welfare.

Our approach to recommending charities is in line with the principles of effective altruism, which aims to use reason and evidence to do the most good we can, in this case, to improve the welfare of animals across the globe.

We generally recommend giving via a fund (here’s why). These are our top-rated funds helping animals:

These are our top-rated charities supporting animal welfare:

Take a pledge to donate to high-impact animal charities

Giving What We Can is best known for our Giving What We Can Pledge to donate at least 10% of lifetime income to highly effective charities. We also offer a trial pledge that allows you to pledge 1%-10% of your income from 6 months to 10 years.
If you’re serious about committing to help animals through giving, explore our pledges.

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