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Giving What We Can Vancouver

We're a new group that meets once a quarter to have discussions about giving, how to improve the world and socialise with other like-minded people.

We have a mix of speaker events, fundraising events and socials.

You're most welcome to come along with nothing more than an interest in learning about effective giving. Please feel free to bring along a friend too.

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Our upcoming events

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Join us online

You can join the #group-vancouver channel in the Giving What We Can Community slack workspace to join conversations between events.

Get in contact

Giving What We Can Vancouver is currently run by Spencer Ericson.

You can get in contact via

About Spencer

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Spencer took the Giving What We Can Pledge in 2022 and currently works as the Lead Researcher & Philanthropy Advisor at SoGive. She likes Wikipedia, Ethiopian food, dancing, and animals. Spencer recommends that you make panisses and donate sustainedly and sustainably.