How Rich Am I Methodology

The estimated income percentiles used in this calculator can be found here, courtesy of Our World in Data. The data comes from the World Bank Poverty and Inequality Platform and is saved for the latest year available (2019).

For global comparisons, all incomes were converted to 2017 international dollars, which are defined as the value of goods and services that one US dollar would buy in the US in 2017. This means that they are adjusted both for inflation and for differences in the cost of living between countries.
For more information on international dollars, see this article from Our World in Data.

Please note that there are many problems with all underlying source data attempting to estimate the global income distribution—some of these are discussed here. Any figures should therefore be taken with a grain of salt and treated as best guesses rather than established facts. Other attempts to estimate global income distribution get different, though broadly similar, results.

Other Data Sources

PPP data is from the World Bank (used to adjust for differences in cost of living)


Code by Sam Deere, based on prior art by Jacob Hilton.

A previous version of this calculator used income percentile calculations by Phil Trammell and Rob Wiblin.


If you have any questions about the calculator, please get in touch.

The calculator was last updated in 2023.