Evergreen Collaborative

Evergreen Collaborative

Climate Policy Campaigns

Evergreen Collaborative works to put bold climate action at the top of America's agenda. It’s building the ambitious, actionable policy roadmap for an all-out mobilisation to defeat climate change.


What problem is Evergreen Collaborative working on?

The climate crisis is both an extraordinary challenge and an enormous opportunity to create a better future. Evergreen Collaborative believes the US federal government must lead the charge to defeat the climate crisis and build a thriving and just clean energy future. Evergreen is creating the blueprint for exactly how policymakers can make it happen through actionable, ambitious climate policies.

Evergreen Collaborative works on policy leadership, which Giving What We Can identified as one of the most effective strategies to tackle climate change.

What does Evergreen Collaborative do?

Evergreen Collaborative (c3) and Evergreen Action (c4) were founded in January 2020 with the goal of advancing bold–and actionable–policies to address what it believes to be the most pressing, existential threat of our time: tackling the climate crisis. Evergreen’s roots rose out of Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s campaign as a “climate candidate” for President in the 2020 election cycle. Inslee’s gold standard climate platform turned into the Evergreen Action Plan, which calls for 100% clean energy standards, major investments in good jobs building clean energy, as well as a deep commitment to environmental justice and bringing the fossil fuel era to a close. In Evergreen’s first three years, it has focused on being a nimble and effective leader in the climate movement, with the goal of strategically combining actionable policy design, campaign-style communications and direct advocacy to secure bold policy results with lasting impacts.

Approach & Impact:

Since its founding, Evergreen has already played a central role in the design, defense, and now implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act with a focus on using the IRA to amplify the cadence and extend the reach of public funds to accelerate clean technology deployment through smart government actions and ambitious and effective private sector investments. Evergreen combines three key strategies to achieve its impact:

  1. Crafting bold, actionable policy products, outlining detailed pathways for policymakers to reduce climate pollution and build an inclusive, just and thriving clean energy economy;
  2. Using strategic, political-campaign-style media and digital communications to build momentum for that policy vision; and
  3. Leveraging effective direct advocacy to make those policies a reality, through engagement with decision-makers and coordination with movement partners.

Evergreen reports that its tri-fold policy, communications and advocacy approach has made it not only a trusted source with lawmakers, administration leaders, and advocates, but also a go-to expert on climate policy in national and state media. It believes its lean staffing and quick turn-around also helps to accelerate action in complex political environments. Evergreen is working with its partners to implement the IRA and to ensure the federal and state regulatory structure drives decarbonization forward, and is confident that it has built the brand, relationships and trust needed to effectively ensure maximum impact.

Evergreen shared the following information about its 2024 organisational goals:

To effectively meet the challenges and opportunities before us, we are guided by five goals:

  1. Ensure expeditious, effective and equitable implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act.
  2. Establish the bold, actionable climate policies and campaign priorities that President Biden must pursue in a second term agenda, designed to inspire the support needed to ensure he achieves a second term.
  3. Ensure the Biden Administration fully leverages their executive authorities through the end of their first term.
  4. Enable states and local governments to go further and faster with their climate leadership.
  5. Cultivate a thriving internal culture designed to ensure organizational stability and long-term resilience, and one that promotes clarity, excellence, employee development, and well-being

Evergreen has been referenced in the press as a trusted source for driving federal climate policy in outlets such as Vox, The Atlantic, E&E News, and Carbon Switch.

What information does Giving What We Can have about the cost-effectiveness of Evergreen Collaborative?1.

We don't currently have further information about the cost-effectiveness of Evergreen Collaborative beyond it doing work in a high-impact cause area and taking a reasonably promising approach.

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