Wild Animal Initiative

Photo of a bird by Vincent Van Zalinge for Unsplash.

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Wild Animal Initiative (WAI) works to help wild animals. Currently, they’re focused on expanding the field of animal welfare research.

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Fast Facts

  • Wild animals vastly outnumber humans. According to WAI, there are approximately 100 million wild animals (including vertebrates and invertebrates) for every human on earth.
  • WAI is a relatively young organisation, founded in 2019.
  • WAI emphasises the importance of research before taking action to help wild animals.
  • WAI is one of the first organisations dedicated solely to improving wild animal welfare, from an effective altruist perspective.

What is Wild Animal Initiative's mission?

Wild Animal Initiative's mission is "to understand and improve the lives of wild animals."

What does Wild Animal Initiative do?

  • WAI conducts research to understand the welfare of animals in the wild.

  • They have developed a research agenda for their relatively young field.

  • WAI collaborates with experts and helps academics secure funding for their relevant, high-impact projects.

  • They help to organise an annual Wild Animal Welfare Summit.

  • WAI produces a podcast on wild animal welfare.

Why do we recommend Wild Animal Initiative?

  • EA Funds has vetted WAI and offered them a $360K grant in 2021 for research and advocacy.

  • According to Animal Charity Evaluators, WAI has a strong strategic planning process and high staff engagement and satisfaction.

  • Animal Charity Evaluators named WAI a "top charity" in 2020.

For more information on Wild Animal Initiative, we recommend reading Animal Charity Evaluators' detailed review.