The Humane League

Photo by Michael Anfang for Unsplash.

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The Humane League (THL) is an effective animal advocacy organisation. They are focused primarily on improving the welfare of animals in factory farms.

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Fast Facts

  • THL takes a highly collaborative approach to animal advocacy. They train individuals and organisations, share resources, and work to make the animal advocacy movement more effective.
  • THL founded the Open Wing Alliance (OWA) in 2016. The OWA is a global coalition of animal advocacy organisations working to end the abuse of chickens.
  • THL values research and evidence; they have a research arm called “The Humane League Labs.”
  • THL has been one of Animal Charity Evaluators’ “top charities” since 2012.

What is The Humane League's mission?

THL's mission is to "end the abuse of animals raised for food."

What does The Humane League do?

  • By doing research, conducting campus outreach, training advocates, and working with other organisations, THL works to build a stronger animal advocacy movement.
  • THL works with corporations to implement better welfare standards for animals.
  • When needed, THL mobilises activists to campaign for better welfare standards.
  • THL conducts individual outreach to decrease the consumption of animals.

Why do we recommend The Humane League?

  • THL is committed to using evidence-based advocacy.
  • Their welfare campaigns are particularly cost effective, compared to the work of other organisations.
  • EA Funds has vetted THL and selected them for multiple grants from the Animal Welfare Fund. Most recently, they offered THL a $10K grant for grassroots campaigning and movement building.
  • Open Philanthropy has also reviewed and supported THL and their Open Wing Alliance.
  • THL has been one of Animal Charity Evaluators' "top charities" since August 2012. It is the only organisation that has been an ACE "top charity every year since then.

For more information on The Humane League, we recommend reading Animal Charity Evaluators' detailed review.