The END Fund

The END Fund

The END Fund provides technical assistance and funds for programs to control and eliminate neglected tropical diseases (or “NTDs”). We specifically recommend its deworming program.

Fast Facts

  • The END Fund reports that, since its founding in 2012, it has “treated more than 140 million people with 330 million treatments,” trained more than 900,000 health workers, and provided more than 10,000 surgeries.
  • Its work is primarily focused on treating children in Africa, where the burden of disease caused by worm infections is the highest.
  • We recommend the End Fund specifically for its deworming program, which was evaluated by GiveWell.

What is the END Fund's mission?

In their own words, the END Fund focuses on "delivering neglected tropical disease (NTD) treatments to those in need by growing and engaging a community of activist-philanthropists, managing high-impact strategic investments, and working in collaboration with government, NGO, pharmaceutical, and academic partners."

What does the END Fund do?

  • The END Fund examines the global neglected tropical disease (NTD) landscape and directs funding to the programs it expects to achieve the highest impact.
  • It raises funding for NTD programs through active engagement with donors and philanthropic foundations.
  • The END Fund's deworming programs treat schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminthiasis.
  • It monitors its impact, requesting grantees' plans, budgets, and treatment schedules, and in some cases provides technical assistance.

Why do we recommend the END Fund?

  • The END Fund is a highly transparent organisation and shares significant and detailed information publicly.
  • GiveWell previously identified the END Fund’s deworming programs as a top-rated giving opportunity from 2016 to 2022 (and the change was not a result of a shift in their thinking about the END Fund’s cost-effectiveness).
  • GiveWell’s former recommendation means that the END Fund is one of Giving What We Can’s listed charities — read more about our charity inclusion criteria.

To learn more about the END Fund, we recommend reading more on GiveWell's detailed review, (but note: the review was conducted in 2020 and is no longer maintained).

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