Development Media International (DMI)

Development Media International (DMI)

Development Media International (DMI) creates radio, television, and video campaigns to change behaviours and improve health outcomes in low-income countries.

This charity meets the requirements to be supported by Giving What We Can as an unlisted charity — read more about our inclusion criteria.

What does Development Media International do?

DMI's vision is "a world where people have the knowledge they need to improve their health and that of their families. We apply our mass media approach to the most pressing issues in global health."

To work toward this vision, DMI:

  • Uses evidence-based campaigns to maximise the impact of its work, and use mathematical modelling to determine which messages can save the most lives.
  • Evaluates its impact using randomised controlled trials or quasi-experimental designs.
  • Uses storytelling techniques and dramatisations to engage its audience.

DMI's current focus areas are:

  • Reducing preventable deaths.
  • Improving early childhood development.
  • Helping parents with family planning.

It also works to promote a variety of other healthy behaviours.

Fast facts

  • DMI is headquartered in London, England and has specialist teams across sub-Saharan Africa.
  • DMI works with epidemiologists, media professionals, and behaviour change experts.
  • DMI creates high-impact campaigns to improve health-related behaviour in low-income communities.
  • DMI promotes their campaigns using mass media in order to reach a wide audience.

Why do we like Development Media International?

  • DMI uses an evidence-based approach and regularly evaluates the impact of its own work.
  • GiveWell has identified DMI as a promising "standout charity."
  • Open Philanthropy investigated DMI and offered them a $100,000 USD grant for general support.

To learn more about Development Media International, we recommend reading GiveWell's detailed review.

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