Center on Long-Term Risk

Center on Long-Term Risk

The Center on Long-Term Risk (CLR) works to address worst-case risks from the development and deployment of advanced artificial intelligence systems, with a current focus on conflict scenarios and the technical and philosophical aspects of cooperation.


What problem is the Center on Long-Term Risk working on?

The risks from the development and deployment of advanced AI systems pose a complex challenge. Because our resources are limited, CLR believes we need to prioritise and ask ourselves what actions we should take now to have as much of a positive impact as possible.

Some of the crucial considerations that inform CLR’s current priorities are:

  • Sufficiently advanced artificially intelligent systems are likely to shape the future of our civilization in uniquely profound ways.
  • This transformation may cause harm on an unprecedented scale, with agential risks like conflict and malevolence being particularly worrisome.
  • The chance that such systems will be developed in the next 30 years is sufficiently high to warrant action now.

What does the Center on Long-Term Risk do?

To address these risks, CLR:

You can read more about CLR’s research agenda and its focus on transparency on its website.

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