BasicNeeds implements community-based mental health projects in developing countries.

BasicNeeds is one of the only large charities focused on mental health in low- and middle-income countries.

We don't currently recommend BasicNeeds as one of our top charities. In our view, the difficulty of rolling out successful mental health-related programmes means that it does not seem as cost-effective as our current recommendations. However, the neglectedness of mental health in the developing world is significant. BasicNeeds' advocacy work is also important for raising awareness of the issue.

Our preliminary investigation suggests that, if you are not cause-neutral, and wish to donate towards an organisation specifically targeting mental health, then BasicNeeds is probably one of the most effective organisations you could donate to.

Fast facts

  • Mental health-related disorders account for around 10% of the global disease burden.
  • One third of low- and middle-income countries have no designated budget for mental health, and those that do spend on average 0.5% of their total budgets.
  • BasicNeeds helps improve access to mental healthcare through things like prescriptions, self-help groups, training, and advocacy.

Fast Facts

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