Charity Evaluations

A health worker gives Praziquantel and Albendazole deworming tablets to a child at a school-based mass drug administration day (SCI /

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Notice about research

Giving What We Can no longer conducts our own research into charities and cause areas. Instead, we're relying on the work of organisations including J-PAL, GiveWell, and the Open Philanthropy Project, which are in a better position to provide more comprehensive research coverage.

These research reports represent our thinking as of late 2016, and much of the information will be relevant for making decisions about how to donate as effectively as possible. However we are not updating them and the information may therefore be out of date.

We strongly encourage you to donate to our Top Charities — these are the charities we believe to be the most effective in the world, and where your donation will have the biggest impact. We do not necessarily recommend any of the other charities on this page — you should click on a charity's name for more details.