Economic Empowerment

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Impact Summary

  • Importance: 5/5
  • Tractability: 3/5
  • Neglectedness: 3/5
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Charity Impact

  • Cost Effectiveness: 2/5
  • Robustness of Evidence: 4/5
  • Track Record: 5/5
  • Room for More Funding: Yes
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Charity Impact

  • Cost Effectiveness: 3/5
  • Robustness of Evidence: 5/5
  • Track Record: 5/5
  • Room for More Funding: Yes
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Charity Impact

  • Cost Effectiveness: 4/5
  • Robustness of Evidence: 2/5
  • Track Record: 2/5
  • Room for More Funding: Yes
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Poverty is a significant challenge to human well-being, and its eradication is a high-priority goal for development. This report focuses on the income-based definition of extreme poverty. There are a variety of interventions attempting to alleviate poverty: we focus on microcredit and direct cash transfers since, for these interventions, we were able to find adequate evidence about organizations administering them.

We conclude that the current evidence does not support microcredit as a high-impact option for donors, although we would welcome further studies in this area. Donors who are looking to have a greater impact with their donations may be better off donating to charities which conduct direct cash transfers.