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Giving What We Can's blog, featuring the latest news from our community.

Rooting For Your Home Team

  • Published 16 Oct 2012
  • Updated 25 Apr 2018

There's a gap between charity evaluators and charity workers.* Look at any article on effective charity, and you're likely to see responses from NGO staff voicing their frustration with the evaluation methods:

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Putting the sexy into sanitation

Welcome to the inaugural post in our series bringing you news items and current affairs stories related to international development and charitable giving. In the first post, I will discuss the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Reinventing the Toilet Challenge.

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Giving to Charity – A Pain in the Eye?

Giving What We Can put me in hospital. I was only a few steps from the postbox after posting my signed pledge back to GWWC. I’d been toying with the idea of becoming a member for something like a year, during which time I’d been agonising over a Masters dissertation on the very topic of how far our obligations to those in the developing world stretch. So after all this time, I was pleased with myself for having finally mustered up the courage to sign the pledge. I had felt a certain gravity and importance in the action of signing it and closing the envelope. I had gone to the letterbox, presumably with some kind of spring in my step, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d let out a resounding “ahhh” as I posted the letter into the slot.

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Problems with “Overhead Costs” as a metric

  • Published 1 Oct 2012
  • Updated 15 Apr 2021

This blog aims (among other things) to explain the methods we employ in our research at Giving What We Can. In that spirit, we’d like to start by explaining an important way in which we differ from many charity evaluators.

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