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The Giving What We Can Team

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Toby Ord


Toby co-founded Giving What We Can and the wider effective altruism movement. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. His current research is on the long-term future of humanity, and the risks which threaten to drastically limit our potential. His book, "The Precipice", explores these topics in more detail.


William MacAskill


Philosopher Will MacAskill is a co-founder the effective altruism movement, Giving What We Can, 80,000 Hours, and The Centre for Effective Altruism, and the author of "Doing Good Better" and "Moral Uncertainty". He is an Associate Professor in Philosophy and Research Fellow at the Global Priorities Institute, University of Oxford.



Grace Adams

Head of Marketing

Grace Adams works on marketing for Giving What We Can. She has worked across marketing and product roles both in consulting and industry.


Michael Townsend


Michael is a researcher at Giving What We Can, with an academic background in philosophy and law.


Luke Freeman

Executive Director

Luke Freeman manages Giving What We Can. He is also an active volunteer with various social impact focused projects.


Julian Hazell

Content & Research Associate

Julian is a Content & Research Associate at Giving What We Can and an MSc student at the University of Oxford.


Alex Savard

Design Director

Alex is a Brooklyn-based designer of digital things helping redesign Giving What We Can.


Katy Moore

Copy Editor

Katy is a copy editor for Giving What We Can and 80,000 Hours.


Fabio Kuhn

Software Engineer

Fabio is a full-stack software engineer at Giving What We Can to support product development and maintaining the technical infrastructure.



Geetanjali Basarkod

Geetanjali is a research fellow at the Institute for Positive Psychology and Education.


Surbhi Bharadwaj

Surbhi is a member of Giving What We Can. She works as a management consultant in New York City and received her bachelor's degree in development economics and statistics from Yale University. She grew up in India and is especially interested in expanding the reach of effective altruism in South Asia.


Ben Chugg

Ben helps organise and run GWWC's monthly meetup events. He’s spent time on the executive team of both EA Oxford and EA Stanford. He’s currently a research fellow at Stanford Law School, where he works to improve governments’ use of data and algorithmics. He’s also a big fan of socks and sandals. Make sure to say "hi" at the next (Americas/Oceania) event you attend!


Jo Duyvestyn

Jo volunteers with the Giving What We Can events team, and various other projects. She has been involved in the EA community for a while now — in Perth and Melbourne, via online events, and now with EA Netherlands. She is pursuing a PhD in virology, studying vector-borne disease and vaccine development, framed from a pandemic preparedness and OneHealth perspective.


Greg Gianopoulos

Greg is a volunteer with Giving What We Can. He first learned about effective altruism teaching philosophy and working on charity elections with The Life You Can Save, and he loves collaborating on meaningful projects with high schoolers. As a graduate student in School Psychology, he is interested in researching and developing programming that promotes youth voice and positive school climate.


Heather Heckman

Heather volunteers with the member interviews and content teams at Giving What We Can.


Dominika Krupocin

Dominika volunteers with the events and content teams at Giving What We Can. She also assists with member interviews and supports other projects, as needed. Dominika is a core member of her local EA Philadelphia group where she contributes to decision-making, helps organise events, and manages social media platforms for the chapter. Dominika is interested in strengthening and growing the EA community, as well as improving animal welfare. Her overarching goal is to enter a high-impact career path pertinent to one of these areas. Dominika holds a PhD in security studies and is most passionate about cultural security and the intersection of security and climate change.


Andrew Leeke

Andrew is a member of Giving What We Can. He works for the Centre for Effective Altruism, helping EA organisations run efficiently.


MF Mika

Mika is a member of Giving What We Can, a global citizen, and a part-time math and programming tutor. He has a PhD in mathematics from Rutgers University. He's currently based in Ukraine after ten years of moving around and cycle touring around Eastern Europe. When he’s not on the road, Mika spends his time studying math and languages, building relationships, and engaging with effective altruism.


Faiz Surani

Faiz Surani is a member of Giving What We Can. He's currently an undergraduate at University of California, Santa Barbara studying computer science. His interests include graph theory, constitutional law, and of course, effective altruism.


Floris Wolswijk

Floris a member of Giving What We Can. He is building a database of psychedelics research for mental health at Blossom. He also co-founded Queal (quick + meal), which provides people with convenient meals. Floris is one of the organizers of the Effective Altruism Rotterdam (The Netherlands) local group.


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