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The group says it tries to ensure its donations have a greater impact by doing a thorough analysis of causes and groups and donating only to the most effective efforts.

Alan Fenwick, director of the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, one of Giving What We Can's recommended charities, says the society met with him a number of times and investigated his charity in depth. This, he says, is something no third party had done before.

Javier Espinoza: 'Small Sacrifice, Big Return', 28th November 2011

An Oxford-based campaign, Giving What We Can, wants volunteers to commit to donating 10% of their earnings. It might sound unthinkable in straitened times, but is it really? The principle of zakat requires Muslims to give a fixed portion of their wealth annually. With the excesses of Christendom's festival fresh in our minds, the rest of us might usefully think about what we could do without.

'Unthinkable? Giving 10%', 6th January 2012

Perhaps the most relevant point for most people is that whatever cause moves us, we should be looking for effectiveness. Rosqueta argues, for example, that if you want to help the hungry in America, don’t give to canned food drives. Instead, give money. Food banks can use it to buy in bulk — they can pay 10 cents a pound for food you’d pay $2 a pound for in a can. (And someone has to pay to ship the can.) Charities are often complicit — they will sometimes choose ineffective strategies like canned food drives because they are more attractive to donors. The solution is to be an educated donor.

Tina Rosenberg: 'Putting Charities to the Test', 5th December 2012

BBC Daily Politics, 8th December 2010

Give away at least 10% of your income, save lives and be happier. That was the message of the Oxford philosopher Toby Ord last year as he set up a charitable society called Giving What We Can (GWWC).

On its first anniversary the society has amassed £13m in pledges, and Ord, a research fellow in ethics at Oxford University, will today happily increase the money he gives away. He donates one third of what he earns, and has so far given all his income above £20,000 to charity. His wife Bernadette gives away all her income above £25,000.

Richard Woods: 'C’mon, take more of my money, says Oxford don', 28th November 2010

[Ord] started giving away a large sum each year, and in the process set up a campaign - Giving What We Can - to encourage others to give away at least 10 per cent of their earnings.

Ord's subject is philosophy, and he came to the decision in a philosophical way.

Martha Gill: 'The Man Who Gives Away a Third of his Income', 8th January 2013

NBC Dylan Ratigan Show, 6th December 2010

Toby Ord - Not a billionaire philanthropist, but may do more to address poverty as his "Giving What We Can" scheme catches on. The Oxford academic has pledged to give £1m over his lifetime by donating a third of his salary. Has recruited more than 100 people to give at least 10 per cent of their salary for life.

Patricia Roffey and Emily Dugan: 'The IoS Happy List 2011 - The 100', 8th May 2011

The charity evaluator organization "Giving What We Can", established by Dr Toby Ord of the Oxford Philosophy Faculty, has every reason to pop the corks for its third birthday: 269 members and $101.7 million in pledges have been raised since its foundation in Oxford in 2009.

Sophie von der Tann: 'Ethics professor inspires $100 million of charitable donations'

Organizations such as Giving What We Can (GWWC) put individual altruism into practice by maximizing socially responsible returns through identifying efficient charities while donors pledge to surrender a portion of their income to charitable causes… [they] are blazing a trail for individuals.

Kanika Saigal: 'Impact Investing: The Big Business of Small Donors', 12th June 2012

National Public Radio, 18 December 2012

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